To set a maximum custom connection pool size to, for example, 20 connections, we should use the following parameter: spring.

. 10, 12.

4: Connection Pools and Data Sources.

The key settings relevant to the connection pool are: datasource.

hikari. 4 / 7. hikari.

<pool name>.

hikari. When a query takes over a minute to execute, 10 users are easily capable of exhausting a modest connection pool between them. datasource.

Their website provides an article about connection pool sizing. <b>pool_validation_interval: The number of seconds between two consecutive pool validations.

Select the data source to modify.


Their website provides an article about connection pool sizing. connection.

hikari. datasource.

4 / 7.
max-lifetime=1800000 spring.
* properties.



Overview. HikariCP's default pool size is 10. pool.

version, or one of the other supported versions listed above instead. . 8 Springboot - 2. minimumIdle=0 spring. hikari.


Whenever we see this behavior impacting latencies with DB. hikari.

If neither of these options is available, Spring Boot.

I want to increase the maximum pool size of HikariCP which is 10 by default.


For performance consideration, it is not recommended to set this value, but let HikariCP treat connection pool as a fixed size.