One of the most controversial Bud Light commercials was created in 2008.


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Like “Swear Jar,” it takes place in a typical corporate setting and presumably in the same “universe.


. Bud LightClothing DriveCommercial – Video | eBaum’s World;. The commercial was eventually leaked on YouTube and went on to.

The Banned Bud Light Lime 'In The Can' Commercial is Hilarious.

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May 28, 2011 · Banned Commercials: Bud Light Lime – In the Can May 28, 2011 J. Feb 2, 2022 · We’ll have to wait and see, but I expect some pretty creative approaches for the big game on February 13.

Banned Commercial - Bud Light "Clothing Drive" 2010: Bud Light Super Bowl commercial, banned.


. 2% ABV and 110 calories per 12.

. Budweiser, and particularly it’s Bud Light brand, is known for some iconic Super Bowl commercials.

Though the nudity is all censored, the amusing concept quickly grows uncomfortable as the ad goes on.
Other Bud Light ads axed include a "clothing drive" that ends up in nudity and an "apology bot" for.


Another in 2010 called Clothing Drive has office workers - mostly men, in an unusual reversal for Super Bowl commercials - strip naked for a clothing drive in which one free Bud Light is offered.

. 6,065 Views. The ad “Clothing Drive” is a sequel to the beermaker’s popular “Swear Jar” ad.

Bud Light commercial "Clothing Drive" filmed at the LA Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles, CA www. Oh, and family. Tags: bud light budweiser beer clothing drive commercial nudity underwear office funny advert advertisement. I could see our staff pulling out all the stops for. Give an article of clothing, get a beer. While not as racy as the ad featuring a guy trying to buy porn, it's.

Story is sequel to "Swear Jar" office spot that was shown online 2 years ago.


a banned beer commercial.

Watch how Sarah and Bud Light runs the most successful clothing drive in company history: Tagged in :.


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